Theme d�cors

Venues all offer various theme d�cor: African .. Cape Malay .. Medieval

Themes best apply to the following venues:
Good Hope Gallery, Blue Room, British Officers Mess, Dolphin Room, Simon van der Stel and Marquees in Courtyard.

Venue conditions
  • All venues subject to early booking and paid confirmation
  • Venue prices subject to constant change and price only confirmed as of date of paid deposit
  • Some of the venues subject to strict non-smoking policies
Please note
  • We also offer catering anywhere in Cape Town
  • We have our own in-house florist and photographer
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Lady Ann Barnard Lady Ann Barnard

Simon van der Stel Annex Room Simon van der Stel
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British Officers Mess Dolphin Room Bar Area Dolphin Room
Dolphin Room Dolphin Room View Good Hope Gallery
We are proud to offer the following venues at the Castle and other museums in the City Centre.
Please ensure that your group has chosen the venue that will best cater for their needs.
Important: prices of venues confirmed only at the rate on actual deposit date.
Venue Seating
Lady Anne Barnard 120
Pasque De Chavonne 22
Simon Van Der Stel Room and Bar Lounge 144
Simon Van Der Stel Bar Lounge Only 30
Dolpin Room and Bar Lounge 90
Dolphin Pond Court Yard (with structures) 140
Dolphin Pond Court Yard (without structures) 140
Dukes Mess 40
Safari Room 40
Highlanders - Sekunde Room 160
De Goeweneur Restaurant (Exclusive) 80
De Waterblommetjie (Exclusive) 40
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Marquee Castle Back Marquee Castle Front
Marquee Castle Back Marquee Castle Front
Marquees at the Castle
The use of marquee tents at the Castle of Good Hope have now for the first time ever been given the go-ahead. A few simple but important conditions apply.
  • Marquees could be set up in the front Courtyard or smaller back Courtyard.
  • 50% of venue rental for set up days
  • 50% of venue rental for breakdown
Venue Seating
Front Court Yard without Marquees/ stage 1300
Rear Court Yard without Maquees/ stage 400
Front Courtyard with Marquees/ stage 700
Rear Court Yard with Marquees/ stage 400
Front Courty and public events,concerts and parties open for public 700
Rear Courtyard public events, concerts and parties open for public 400
Aleman's Barracks 300
Adam Tas 150
Old Recruitment Offices
Garrison Cells 0
Old Forge Rooms
Venue Seating
Good Hope Gallery 300
Please Note that Setup and Breakdown will be Charged at Full Rates or 50% of quoted rates
General terms and conditions

Please read the terms and conditions
that apply to all bookings.
Blue Room Dukes Mess