Event conditions
  • All of the above subject to early booking and paid confirmation
  • Travelling fee where group has to travel more than 20 km
  • Minimum 2 hours booking for some of the above groups
General terms and conditions

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Lighting of Castle Courtyard Millitary Orchestra vintage car transfer
No. Option
1 Ceremonial Castle Guards
2 Ceremonial Castle Flags
3 Hurricane Lamps
4 Tour of Castle
5 Mini band piping band (7 members)
6 Full Bag piping Band (11 members)
7 Single Bagpiper
8 Cape Muzzleloaders
9 Full Military Orchestra
10 Cape Minstrels (Traditional Song Spinners)
8 members
10 members
12 members
11 Cape Malay Choir (24 members)
12 African Children's Choir (30 members)
13 Thembalethu African Adult Choir (40 members)
14 Sivuyela African Choir (40 members)
15 African Marimba Band (6 female members)
15 Marimba Band
17 Woman Unite dancers
18 String Quartet
19 DJ
20 Cape Malay Choir (24 members)
21 Ambient lighting of the Dolphin Area
Décor-5 options available
Cape Malay
Colonial African
Elegant Formal
East Indies
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